Class Descriptions

We offer four main formats at the studio that are included in your drop in packages and or memberships. Each of these formats is designed to meet you as you are and guide you towards your most vibrant life. We have classes to support movement, stillness, and our main format Vinyasa Flow that allows you to find your balance of effort and ease centered around a class theme.

We offer various places to practice including our two indoor studios, our open air studio, and we also partner with various locations around to to connect you with community. 

Our facility is capable of controlling the temperatures of our indoor class and you will see additional information on the schedule if added heat is offered with "Warm" or "Hot" in front of the class name.


HOT=  95-105 DEGREES


These classes are designed around movement and repetition to increase strength. How we move matters, and these classes bring the burn! You can scale these classes to meet your daily needs with high and low impact variations of cardio bursts, and equipment is always optional. Our instructors design Sculpt classes around total body balance using various methods, equipment, and techniques combined with yoga postures to bring you strength and muscle tone.
These classes are designed around Vinyasa, seamlessly moving from one pose into the next. Often referred to as a moving meditation, Vinyasa means to "place in a special way." The practice helps us flow toward our most vibrant life. Our instructors design Flow classes using a combination of postures, breath-work, and movement patterns to develop your yoga practice and bring you a balance of power and peace.
These classes are designed around slowing down and finding pause. Fewer postures are offered in these classes, where you'll have more time in each pose to focus on the inner workings of breath, embodiment of postures, and spaciousness of mind. Our instructors design Restore classes using a combination of foundational yoga postures, expanded time in poses, and grounding work to activate your sympathetic nervous system and move you towards relaxation and stillness.
Our specialty classes are designed around a specific aspect of the practice and offer a space to connect around curiosity through unique offerings. We expand upon the topics of the eight limbs of yoga, the chakra system, and various cross training practices that will support your physical practice and promote the power of the mindfulness.